Kahuku to Kaʻena, Mauka to Makai

NSCLT acts to protect one of our most precious and threatened natural resources:  the spectacular lands of the North Shore of Oahu.

Since our founding, we have been involved in saving thousands of acres of coveted open space - forested hillsides and coastal farms, naupaka-shaded beaches and coconut groves, grassy meadows and wind-swept vistas– in one of the world's most desirable and expensive coastal real estate markets.

NSCLT's unique and effective approach to land protection taps the power of both private and public sectors. Using funds from private donors, we move quickly to help purchase critical open spaces as opportunities arise. Private dollars also enable us to leverage matching funds from state and federal agencies to secure the the North Shore's precious natural legacy.

Applying this successful formula, NSCLT is protecting one of the world's last remaining accessible wild coastlines near a major metropolitan area. Our Campaign for Pupukea Paumalu attracted support from people who love the North Shore’s singular open spaces. We helped raise over $8 million to secure permanent protection of 1,129 precious coastal acres. By saving these types of lands from development as private estates and subdivisions, we ensure their survival as wildlife habitat, public recreation areas, farms and ranches, and places that enrich and restore the human spirit – now and for future generations.


Marina Miller