NSCLT owes its success to the generosity of the North Shore community and supporters from around the world.  Working together we have built a reputation for accomplishing visionary land protection goals, leveraging contributions to draw public funding and using your contributions efficiently.

Your contributions to NSCLT result in permanently protected and stewarded resources. NSCLT is able to confidently negotiate for acquiring strategic properties knowing that we have your support.

We can produce materials to use with landowners, partner agencies and donors that highlight important animal and plant habitats, possible trail corridors and future connections to already protected properties. We can also responsibly steward lands that are in our care awaiting transfer to a public agency for management.

NSCLT can do all these things, but only with your support. It's a commitment that can change a community. Working together the North Shore’s landscape – rich in history, natural resources, breathtaking views and recreational opportunities – will be permanently protected for all of us today and for the future.

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