ʻŌlelo Airdates - 4th Annual North Shore Food Summit

Denise Antolini, Associate Dean of William S Richardson School of Law, facilitates a diverse panel of water experts at 2016's Fourth Annual North Shore Food Summit. Footage from this panel will be airing on ʻŌlelo this month.

Tune in to ʻŌlelo Community Media (OLELO54) throughout the month of April to watch excerpts from last September's 4th Annual North Shore Food Summit (NSFS). The programs can also be accessed online at www.olelo.org/olelonet starting April 20. Each episode of the two-part series represents one of the event's panel discussions. Part 1 of the series covers the panel "Overview of Water Issues and Opportunities on the North Shore," which includes five water experts from a variety of fields. Part 2 of the series covers "Food System Sprouts," a panel discussion including a variety of up-and-coming farmers who have participated in past NSFS events and benefited from various available agricultural funding programs. A list of airdates and times for the respective programs can be found below. For more information on each of the panels that will be featured, review the summit agenda.

North Shore Food Summit: 4th Annual Part 1
4/17/2017    7:00 PM    OLELO54
4/24/2017    9:30 AM    OLELO54
4/28/2017    12:30 PM    OLELO54
4/29/2017    3:00 PM    OLELO54

North Shore Food Summit: 4th Annual Part 2
4/17/2017    9:00 PM    OLELO54
4/24/2017    11:30 AM    OLELO54
4/28/2017    2:30 PM    OLELO54
4/29/2017    5:00 PM    OLELO54