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October 23-24
3rd Annual Noreth Shore Food Summit

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North Shore Food Summit Overview:


The Third Annual North Shore Food Summit builds on the momentum of the previous summits while focusing on the theme of "Community Food, Community Energy." Participants will explore the many compelling connections between food and energy, including: the economic and environmental costs of food and fuel iport dependency; traditional and cultural resource management; the effect of high energy costs on local food prouction; the use of agricultural lands for clean energy and bio-fuel production; the effects of our choices on climate change, and the overlap of energy and food justice community organizing strategies. In addition to the focus on these food-energy connections, the Summit also offeres further food-system dialog on topics catalyzed in 2013 and 2014 including health, eduction, Hawaiian culuture, and land conservation.


Our vision is for a sustainable regional North Shore food system that provides fresh, healthy, and affordable food to a community that actively loves and respects the mauka and makai resources that sustain it.